Over 6 Billion shares are routed through SpeedRoute every trading day*

*Outbound shares routed to lit and dark markets to build our proprietary HeatMap

*Outbound shares routed to lit and dark markets to build our proprietary HeatMap

SpeedRoute is an electronic, agency-only FINRA broker dealer with connectivity to every U.S. equity exchange and over 25 other sources of liquidity. Our goal is to increase our clients’ profitability by maximizing execution quality, minimizing execution fees and reducing infrastructure costs. SpeedRoute provides the highest quality execution while passing along all price improvement. We do not service direct customers nor do we compete with our clients in any fashion or trade against order flow.



  • Connectivity to every US equity exchange and Floor Brokers
  • Eliminate exchange membership fees and infrastructure costs
  • Robust, stable and redundant architecture


  • Fully-customizable Smart Router
  • Robust functionality (Maximum Liquidity Capture, Price Improvement, Cost Reduction up to 70%, etc.)
  • Intelligent Router - learns from past orders and performance and is cognizant of resting orders to increase likelihood of fills


  • Best-of-Breed (VWAP, TWAP, POV, etc.)
  • Back-end SpeedRoute SOR logic for child orders
  • Competitive rates


  • Routing Algorithms for the execution of child orders
  • Customizable with our development team – rAlgos™ have been created to simplify traders’ workflow and satisfy client demand