Does your firm execute or plan on executing U.S. Equity trades? Speedroute is uniquely positioned to help build and optimize your offering while providing comfort that we only service other broker dealers and thus do not compete for your institutional or retail business.

We can all agree that the equity markets are becoming increasingly more complex with no end in sight. Exchanges introduce new order types and fee schedules on a regular basis. The regulatory environment is extremely volatile, and at times difficult to navigate. In addition, clients are consistently demanding superior performance and more aggressive rates. Unless broker dealers specialize in order routing and thus consistently analyze, enhance and adapt their trading logic to keep up with the changing environment - there is not enough time in the day to execute your trades as efficiently as possible.

  • Analyze your existing order-routing logic, expenses, and trading technology.
  • Identify areas where your firm can reduce infrastructure expenses and exchange fees.
  • Define solutions that will improve and better leverage your existing trading infrastructure.
  • Deliver technology and routing solutions to help realize cost savings and improve overall performance.
  • Connect you with potential clients, synergistic channel partners and help you add value to your existing client base.