Best Execution is no longer something to brag about. Since the implementation of Reg NMS, executions are now required to be printed within the NBBO. The challenge is seeking out the best price at the lowest cost liquidity sources, while not leaking information and seeing the bid you are trying to hit fade away. Today’s market participants face scrutiny by regulators and clients alike and demand the best performing routing technology available. Our clients want price improvement and cost savings without compromising anonymity. Although the markets are extremely fragmented, with access to the SpeedRoute technology and appropriate order types, our Clients use this to their advantage. SpeedRoute believes that broker dealers should focus on what they do best and allow SpeedRoute to help them navigate the fragmented U.S. Equity markets and increase their profits. SpeedRoute provides several ways for Broker Dealers of all sizes to leverage our technology, infrastructure and routing services to save them as much as 75% of their US Equities execution business.


Broker Dealers are able to utilize the SpeedRoute Infrastructure and Technology Services (which include access to every US Equity Exchange and 25 Dark pools) through a single connection or more simply- through the existing SpeedRoute certifications with most major order management systems (OMSs). This requires little to no work from the Broker Dealer to test and utilize the SpeedRoute services. This often leads to many firms reducing or eliminating their existing infrastructure and related expenses, resulting in significant savings while increasing functionality and scalability.


Sponsored Access to almost forty (40) destinations as a result of connecting to SpeedRoute. Since you will already be connected to SpeedRoute, we then provide you with Anonymous access to every destination we connect to, as you will be executing as SpeedRoute. At that point you will be able to eliminate any related Exchange/ATS Membership Fees or other Connectivity and Port Fees.


The largest savings for most of SpeedRoute’s Broker Dealer Clients comes from the price improvement and Exchange/ATS Fee savings. In addition to execution quality, many broker dealer’s biggest expense is usually the Exchange take fees which can sometimes be up to 30-35 mils per share. SpeedRoute’s advanced routing technology and dynamic heat-map allows for extremely fast and true intelligent order routing which seeks out price improvement, while saving our Clients an average of 35-50% on Exchange take fees.