• Smart order routing

    Innovative Technology
    Intelligently Access Valuable Sources of Liquidity
    Customizable Routing Solutions
    Dynamic Logic to Minimize Information Leakage
  • Fragmented Markets

    50+ Market Centers
    12 U.S. Equity Exchanges
    40+ Dark Pools
  • Profitability

    Maximize Sell Side Profitability


    Cost Effective Connectivity to every US Exchange, 20+ Dark Pools and Liquidity Providers

    Reduce Expenses

    Reduce Exchange Expenses and Reduce Fixed Costs

An Innovative Leader in Routing, Infrastructure & Technology Services

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As a recognized leader in U.S. Equity order routing and market structure, SpeedRoute offers a wide variety of solutions to empower our broker dealer customers. By working with SpeedRoute, our clients are able to focus on their core competencies while delivering valuable and stable solutions to their underlying clients.”


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